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Find out all about best practisies of Airbnb hosting and managing short term rentals.

Automated messages templates

There isn’t a single reason to force yourself, your co-host, or anyone else to perform tedious repetitive tasks such as greeting each guest manually. Use canned responses, schedule sending on Airbnb or use automated tools that will do the grunt work for you.

Airbnb cancellation policy

Airbnb offers different cancellation policies. They define the rights of guests and hosts when it comes to canceling bookings.  The question is how to make as many bookings as possible and keep the cancellations at a minimum.

black curtains

Blackout curtains provide an effective and cost-efficient solution for achieving a dark window treatment in your Airbnb. It’s a must have for bedrooms so that your guests can rest and sleep well.


three friends and hosts

Who are we?

This is a blog run by hosts. We launched it as a trio of friends who run Airbnb as a side hustle. Our goal is to connect with fellow hosts to share ideas and assist you in navigating your way with short term rental business and boosting your revenue.

While there are numerous travel blogs and vlogs offering advice on places to visit and finding accommodations, we discovered that as hosts, we often face challenges in figuring things out and obtaining accurate information. We are  on our own. It’s time to change that.


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Professional photographer

We often invest a lot of time and money in our rental homes. However, when it comes to taking photographs, we may assume that any picture will showcase our vacation rental in a positive light. 

Party in the house.

Accidents and damages sometimes happen and guest are not always gentle. The good news is that hosts can compensate for damages with the Airbnb AirCover policy even if a guest runs away.

vacation rental management software (text only)

Take a look at options for small rental businesses. We had in mind  hosts with up to 10 properties, even though these tools are suitable for managing even 20 or 50 listings.

Guest guidebook

The main challenge today is finding a place among the fierce competition in hospitality. It’s harder to get away with bare minimum and get bookings. You need long-term marketing strategies.

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