About us

Welcome to the rentalrevolutions blog!

I’m Zorica. I gathered a team of hosts to share our knowledge and experiences of Airbnb and short-term rental hosting.

Being a host is a side hustle for me, the one I truly enjoy. Currently, I am proud to rent and manage properties in the beautiful country of Serbia, situated in Europe.

I collaborate with hosts and dear friends from various parts of the world, spanning from the USA to Europe. Together, we share experiences, gather information, and present these blog posts as a result of our collective efforts. Our aim is to connect with fellow hosts around the world. We want to grow together becoming better hosts and people. A ‘revolution’ we aspire to bring about is this vibrant community.

We cover a wide range of topics that we find interesting and relevant: tips and tricks for improving guest experiences, strategies for maximizing bookings and revenue or navigating the challenges of short-term rental regulations. We hope you will find our content valuable.

At the heart of it all, hosting is my greatest passion. I won’t say it’s always smooth sailing. Sometimes, there are hassles, doubts, problematic guests or unpleasant experiences. However, at the end of the day, the pleasure outweighs the challenges. Especially when you have fellow hosts to stand by you.

Our biggest reward is guest satisfaction. We love our guests and I want to provide them with an experience to remember for a lifetime.

Like the founder of Airbnb Brian Chesky said:

‘When you are in someone’s home, in their bed, you see the world from their eyes. You understand ‘the other’ is not so other.’

Thank you for visiting our blog and we hope you like it. Don’t be shy to write to us.