Blackout Curtains for Airbnb: Affordable Darkening Solution

Let’s discuss an affordable and easy-to-install option to cover windows, which create darkness and control light: blackout curtains for Airbnb.

Blackout curtains provide an effective and cost-efficient solution for achieving a dark window treatment.

Darkening windows

When it comes to darkening windows, there are various methods available, each with its own advantages and pricing.

Window shutters are the most expensive window treatment, typically installed in personal homes. If you already have shutters, you’re in luck, as they are durable and can add value to your short-term rental property.

The second option is window blinds.

I must admit, I’m not a big fan of blinds. I had them once in my Airbnb, and they ended up breaking after some time, which led to replacements. While blinds offer excellent light control, they are not entirely suitable for Airbnb due to the possibility of guests mishandling them. They can be too subtle.

A much better alternative are window shades, which are similar to blinds but consist of a single piece of cloth that can be moved up and down. Personally, I use them, but that’s a topic for another post.

Lastly, we have curtains. There are various types of curtains available. The regular ones we often refer to as light-filtering curtains, as they do precisely that – filter light. Then there are special curtains specifically designed to block out light – blackout curtains.

It’s worth noting that some guests have a strong preference for sleeping in complete darkness. Sometimes, this is due to cultural reasons or personal preferences.

However, there’s even a scientific explanation for it: sleeping in the dark triggers the intensive production of melatonin in our bodies. Melatonin is responsible for regulating our sleep-wake cycle, also known as the circadian rhythm.

Considering the health benefits, let’s explore how we can significantly improve guests’ sleeping experience with a simple addition – blackout curtains.

What exactly are blackout curtains?

Blackout curtains are designed to block 100% of light. It doesn’t refer to the color of curtains, cause they come in different colors, but rather to the light-blocking feature.

To achieve complete darkness, you need these curtains. Often people use them in addition to regular curtains, so-called light-filtering curtains.

black curtains

Ordinary curtains serve to fill a room with a warm, soothing glow, but you can still see through them.

Blackout curtains have a few important functions:

➔ Blocking all the light from outside
➔ Softening noise from the outside
➔ Ensuring privacy, preventing curious eyes from peeking in.
➔ Regulating temperature by keeping warm air in during winter and keeping heat out during summer.

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Room-darkening curtains vs Blackout curtains

At first glance, you might assume that a room-darkening curtain is the same as a blackout curtain, but they’re not exactly the same. Room-darkening curtains are not as thick, so a bit of light can still come in. However, the room is significantly darker, allowing people to sleep well. The benefits are very similar to blackout curtains, though they usually cost less.


Whichever option you choose to buy, make sure to read the description carefully. Sometimes sellers label a curtain as blackout when it’s actually a room-darkening curtain and doesn’t block all the light.

Why use blackout curtains in Airbnb?

If you haven’t installed any other window treatments like blinds, shades, or shutters, blackout curtains are a fast, easy, and affordable solution. I recommend installing them specifically in the bedroom since that’s where people sleep.

In the living room, it’s nice to have a warm light, creating a more enjoyable atmosphere.

Keep in mind that blackout curtains are heavier than ordinary curtains, so you may need sturdy rods. Additionally, blackout curtains come in various colors and designs, providing more options to suit your style.

Here are the reasons why you should have these curtains in the bedroom of your Airbnb:

1. Restful sleep: Traveling can be exhausting, so let your guests recharge themselves with a long and stress-free sleep in a darkened room.

2. Jet lag and time zone adjustment: International travelers often struggle to synchronize with a new time zone. Help them minimize the disruptive effects of jet lag by creating a dark environment that supports better sleep.

3. Privacy and security: Ensure that guests have peace of mind and feel safe from unwanted attention or intrusions.

4. Thermal regulation: Keep the sunlight out during hot summers, maintain a cooler temperature, and retain warmth during cold winter months.

5. Extra relaxation: Create a cozy and comforting atmosphere that helps guests unwind and relax, adding an extra touch of tranquility to their stay.

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How to clean them?

The cleaning process depends on the manufacturer’s instructions. Some blackout curtains are machine washable, while others are not. Follow the instructions for cycle settings and temperature. In any case, it is recommended to wash them in cold water with a gentle detergent.

Many times, simply dusting and vacuuming the curtains will suffice. If you notice any stains or spots, clean them with a cloth and mild detergent. After washing, it’s best to hang the curtains immediately to air dry.

Why do some blackout curtains have a smell?

It’s not so uncommon for curtains to have a distinct, plastic odor when unpacked. This odor is typically due to the manufacturing and packaging process. In most cases, the smell will disperse and diminish quite fast. You can speed up the process by washing the curtains if they are washable.

However, you will try to avoid a stale and musty odor in your Airbnb when guests arrive.
That’s why we have chosen a few optimal and affordable blackout curtains that meet quality standards. Check out our recommendations below.

The best blackout curtains for your Airbnb

Blackout curtains come in different colors and sizes. Before making a purchase, measure the size of your windows to ensure a proper fit.

Based on host experiences, here are some recommendations that deserve your attention:

The best hanging option (Amazon link)

The best affordable (Amazon link)

The best quality (Amazon link)

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