OwnerRez vs Lodgify Detailed Comparative Review

Here we compare two vacation management software options with seemingly similar features and functions – OwnerRez vs Lodgify. It’s easy to get confused having in front of you so many options and features. The best way to determine which one suits your business is to try them out and use them.

Fortunately, both Lodgify and Owner Rez offer free trials. Lodgify offers a 7-day trial, while Owner Rez provides a 14-day trial.

Who will get the most of OwnerRez or Lodgify?

Both Owner Rez and Lodgify are considered all-in-one management software that are able to handle hundreds of listings. But they do offer different pricing options depending on the number of properties you have. Therefore small businesses can use them as well.

For a more detailed review, continue reading.

Features – OwnerRez or Lodgify side by side comparison

☑️ Channel Management☑️ Channel Management

Establish direct partnerships with major channels to avoid double bookings, facilitate fast and straightforward connections, and all that without them charging you any booking fee.
Synchronize with major channels using APIs or iCal for channels that don’t support APIs. Sometimes, they charge a fee per booking but only if you use the cheapest Starter plan
☑️ Automated Tools☑️ Automated Tools
Automated messaging with a unified inbox, personalized templates for guest communication, and many triggers for messages.Automated messaging with a unified inbox, scheduling tasks, automated processes, and a daily overview page for easy tracking and changes.
☑️ Website Builder☑️ Website Builder
Create a website or integrate an existing one using widgets and the WordPress plugin (for WordPress websites).An excellent website builder with numerous templates makes it easy to set up a website, even if you don’t have tech skills.
☑️ Accounting☑️ Accounting
Utilize your preferred payment processor, handle security deposits and taxes, or integrate with QuickBooks as a premium feature.Generate invoices and statements, keep track of your finances, and send payments to your employees.
☑️ Payment Processing☑️ Payment Processing
OwnerRez websites accept credit card payments, enable manual payments, and integrate with various processors such as PayPal, Stripe, Authorize.net, Converge, USA ePay, and many more.Lodgify websites accept credit card payments, automating refunds or scheduled payments. It supports Stripe, PayPal, Braintree, Authorize.Net, ApplePay, and Payyo.
☑️ Integrations☑️ Integrations
In addition to payment processors and booking platforms, they seamlessly integrate with numerous companies, including dynamic pricing tools, keyless door locks, housekeeping services, insurance providers, and more.In addition to payment processors and booking platforms, Lodgify integrates with various companies, including dynamic pricing tools, keyless door locks, housekeeping services, insurance providers, and more.
☑️ Reports☑️ Reports
Access a wide range of reports on payments, booking statistics, taxes, occupancy, and much more.Generate reports on payments, reservations, revenue, and other vacation rental data.

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Lodgify and OwnerRez share a lot of features. Both of them are robust software solutions for managing and automating rental businesses.

It’s worth noting that Lodgify has an incredibly advanced website builder, offering numerous templates and customization options.

OwnerRez sets itself apart from the competition through its feature customization. They have done an excellent job with their pricing strategy by creating premium features that you can choose to include or exclude. These features are the website builder, Quickbooks integrations, property management and more. 

As a result, It’s very convenient not to pay for something you don’t actually use, but you can include it at any time later.

For instance, if you don’t want to build a website or already have one, with OwnerRez you can exclude it from your pricing.


OwnerRez offers a la carte pricing, which means you only pay for the features you want. The basic plan includes a set of basic functions, and you have the option to add premium features such as QuickBooks integrations, property management, website builder, WordPress plugin, and SMS messaging.

Without the premium features, the cost is $55 for 2 properties. The price increases exponentially based on the number of properties and the premium features you choose.

One of the great things about OwnerRez is that they don’t require you to sign any contract for a year or longer period.

Lodgify, like most vacation rental management software, offers cheaper pricing per property if you have multiple properties. They have three plans: Starter, Professional, and Ultimate.

Let’s say you manage 2 properties – with the Starter plan, the cost is $23 per month, but you also have to pay a 1.9% fee per booking. The Professional or Ultimate plan does not charge a booking fee. Additionally, you can get a discount on a one-year or two-year subscription.

Customer support

Based on the majority of reviews, in OwnerRez vs Lodgify battle is the winner due to its highly praised customer support. 

On the other hand, Lodgify is a European-based company, and some of its American clients have mentioned experiencing slightly longer response times (typically within 24 hours). This can be attributed to the time zone difference. If you are located in the US, it’s important to be aware of potential delays.

User experience

The winner in this category is Lodgify.

OwnerRez is highly dedicated to developing functionalities. However, there’s a slight learning curve, and you may need to invest some time to become familiar with the software interface.

Lodgify has done an excellent job here with its visually appealing and user-friendly dashboard, along with its praised mobile app that gives you control over your business on the go.

Onboarding process

Lodgify offers complimentary free onboarding as part of your subscription. A specialist will hop on a few calls with you to assist in setting up your account, properties, and connecting with booking platforms.

OwnerRez provides a Premium onboarding service called Proconnect (pricing starts from $500). While they charge a fee, they offer assistance in setting up literally everything, including listings, your website, branding, or even email templates. They claim that the setup process will be completed within 3-6 weeks. It’s a paid service, but you don’t have to waste a second trying to figure it all out by yourself.

Conclusion – OwnerRez vs Lodgify

These two software are head to head for their functionalities and performance. OwnerRez is for hosts who don’t mind not having “the prettiest interface design out there”, but appreciate fast and dedicated customer support and a lot of features. If you don’t need premium features like a website builder or QuickBooks integration, you can exclude them from the pricing.

The best part is that you get a reasonable price (compared to some competitors) without obligating yourself to any contract (one year or longer). According to reviews, OwnerRez allows you to text guests directly, while Lodgify does not have that capability.

Lodgify offers a lot for the price as well. If you plan to build a nice-looking website for direct reservations and you have no special tech skills, you can’t go wrong with Lodgify. They will help you set up your account for free. You’ll also get an extremely user-friendly mobile app. The downside, according to US reviewers, is not getting an instant response from customer support, you often have to wait up to one day.

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